What is a mattress protector?

Mattresses are like a cover that is fitted between the bedsheet and the bed pads. People want their beds to be hygienic and clean because the bed is where people sleep. Often, various incidents can become messy, and accidents can happen, which can make the bed dirty. Any kind of spillover such as juices, wine, animal faeces, et cetera can be the cause. These leave a permanent stain on the bed. Therefore, to avoid all these mishaps, bed protectors become essential in daily use.

What do people buy?

People spend around one-third of their lives in bed. So practically, a bed should be a comfortable place where people relax. These protectors have anti-allergic properties, which protect the bed against asthma causing particles, allergies, liquids and stains, and bed bud mites. They are waterproof as well. Apart from the hygienic benefits, it also keeps the bed cooler by preventing it from overheating. It helps in having an amazing sleep experience. These protectors can actually be lifesavers and prevent a person from being protected from any kind of bed bug disease, especially those people who are allergic to them.

Types available in market

There are many kinds of protectors which are present in the market. Broadly, all of them depend upon two factors, i.e., fitting type and material. Here are a few types of protectors which are available in the market:

Encasement: It provides 360-degree protection to the entire mattress against any kind of stains or marks. Although it is slightly difficult to fit in the bed, the advantages offered by it are humongous.

Fitted: It leaves some areas of the mattress naked. Its coverage, as well as fitting, is just like a bedsheet – it covers the top, side, and lateral areas of the bed.

Elastic Straps: This type offers the least coverage as it covers only the top of the bed. Elastic straps are fitted on the corner of the mattress to hold the protector.

Apart from the types, another factor that must be considered is the type of material for the protector. There are many types of materials available in the market, such as cotton, wool, polyester, vinyl, latex, et cetera. Natural materials are a green choice that relatively keeps the bed cool. However, if somebody requires strong resistance and protection against any kind of spillover, then artificial materials such as vinyl and polyester are a perfect choice.

Australia’s market for mattresses

The growing population of Australia leads to an increase in the demand for beds. Other factors such as increasing income level and international trade are a few other factors. However, during the initial outbreak of Covid-19, there was a rapid decline in the growth of this market. People started spending less during the pandemic as the major portion of the expenses were spent on essentials.

However, with the increasing trend of working from home, people started spending an increasing number of hours in bed. In fact, non-sleeping hours were also spent on beds. Various means such as online influence and e-commerce helped in delivering the beds to people’s doorstep. Hence, the demand for these products increased. However, Australia’s mattress industry still remains affected. Factors affecting this are old existing concepts of housing, renovation of existing houses, and innovation of traditional concepts. Australia’s market has the potential to rise. With newer concepts and further innovation, the Australian market is expected to grow at a decent pace.

Author : Carlsmith