Amped extender

Lately, Amped wireless range extenders have grabbed millions of eyeballs. Do you know why? Because of their outstanding features. Whether you want internet access in the darkest zone of the house or want it on a number of devices, an Amped wireless extender is all you should invest in. But, at times, the device tends to fall victim to the issue. Some get resolved on their own whereas some require troubleshooting. The Amped extender red light issue is one of them.

Have you also fallen a victim to the issue we are talking about? If yes, then no more talks. Straightforward, let’s get down to the troubleshooting techniques that will help you combat the issue like a pro. After all, the tips mentioned here are right from the table of experts. Read on.

Fixed: Amped Extender Red Light Issue

  1. Check the Electricity Supply

Since the issue is with the LED light of the range extender, there is a high possibility that an insufficient power supply to the extender is behind this foul play. Well, you have to check it without wasting much of your time. In case the wall socket is found damaged, then you have two options available at your disposal. Either ask an electrician to repair the existing wall socket or you can go for an easier one. Find a working outlet a little closer to your host router and connect your extender to it.

In case your area is a victim of regular power outages, then we want to let you know that using a UPS won’t cost you your luck. If you don’t get lucky this time, consider trying the next hack in the line.

  1. Restart Your Extender

The red light on your Amped extender might also be a sign that your extender needs a restart. By that we mean your Amped device belongs to the networking realm. Therefore, there is a high chance that happenings in this realm have affected your extender’s ability to work well. Putting it simply, your extender is struggling to kick off technical glitches. Rebooting the extender will catalyze this struggle and also help it win the battle.

Thus, restart your extender without even allowing a second thought to occupy your mind. The efforts needed are pulling the extender’s plug out of the electrical socket and waiting for a few minutes. Once you feel that your extender has revived its performance, you can do the opposite of what you did earlier.

  1. Update the Firmware

Is your Amped extender still glowing red? Well, there are chances that a new firmware is waiting to be get installed on your Amped. Know that firmware updates are important if you want to make the most out of your kiosk. But, the question is that how will you update the firmware? The answer is simple. By accessing the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.

Go to, do log in, and move to the dashboard of your extender. Look for some settings and soon you’ll find the option indicating Upgrade Firmware. Click it and the rest will be directed by the screen. You can also flash the firmware on your Amped range extender manually by downloading the file as per its model number.

  1. Change the Extender’s Location

Argh! Are you still seeing the red light on your Amped range extender? Why don’t you try to give it a new location? Possibly, the location you’ve selected to place your extender is not apt or an ideal one. Let us check together. Are there any reflexive surfaces present near your extender? No? great! The chances of the WiFi signals getting diverted and messed up are minimal. But, what is that? Your extender is placed near a TV and a Bluetooth speaker?

This is where you are lagging. Pick the extender right away and place it somewhere else. However, make sure that the chosen location is the central one of the house. Besides, keep it away from other objects emitting radio wave frequencies and thick concrete walls.

  1. Connect Your Devices Properly

Last, but not least. You might also witness the red light on your wireless range extender because it is not sharing a stable connection with the host router. To make things perfect, do one thing. Bring your devices a little close to each other if a wireless source is holding communication between them.

Ok! You’ve connected your devices with an Ethernet cable. Well, it won’t be of any good if there are cuts on it. Check it. If you find any cuts, get the cable swapped with a new one. Creating a finger-tight Ethernet connection is a must thing.

Sum Up

That’s all for this post. We hope that you liked reading it and you’ve successfully gotten rid of that irritating red light on the extender. If these tips won’t work, setup Amped wireless again post performing the factory default reset. It will surely work in your favor.