Comfast CF-WR758AC Extender Suddenly Stopped Working

My internet connection is not up to the mark because of my Comfast CF-WR758AC extender, as it (the extender) is not working properly. Firstly, I thought, the issue might be because of improper Comfast CF-WR758AC setup, but it seems like the problem is something else. Please help!”

If these queries similar to yours, then luckily you have got the answer. In this post, we have shed light on the solutions to help you fix “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue. Let’s take the plunge!

Fixed: Comfast Extender Stopped Working

  1. You Have to Restart Extender

Let’s start to troubleshoot “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue by applying this simple fix. Want to know what that is? Power cycling Comfast CF-WR758AC extender! Yes, restarting or power cycling Comfast CF-WR758AC extender is the most effective fix to troubleshoot the issue you are currently getting. So, without ado, let’s provide you guidelines to restart your Comfast extender in a flash.

  • Firstly, disconnect your Comfast extender, router, and your client devices.

  • After disconnecting, wait for a few minutes and then power off your Comfast extender from the wall socket.

  • Are you done with unplugging your extender? Did you nod in yes? Yes? Then wait for another couple of minutes.

  • Now, plug in back your Comfast extender.

Also, check if the wall socket you have used for your Comfast extender is well working. If you find damages in the wall socket, get it replaced immediately or plug in your device to different wall plug.

  1. Have a Nudge at the Distance

If you have placed your Comfast extender and router at a distance, then also you will experience “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue, lessen the distance between your devices. Also, if you have connected your router and Comfast extender via Ethernet cable, make sure it is well working and the connection between them is successfully made.

Now, see if “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue is fixed by accessing Comfast repeater setup page.

  1. Is the Extender Firmware Up-to-date?

If the firmware version on your Comfast extender is outdated, then also it could be one of the major reasons behind getting “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue. Don’t worry! For fixing it, we suggest you update the firmware of your Comfast extender now.

  1. Do You Have Active WiFi?

Chances are that your internet connection is not up to the mark and you are blaming your Comfast extender for giving “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working”. So, in that case, we suggest you contact your ISP regarding slow internet issue. If you find internet-related issues persists from your ISP end and that is causing “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue, ask him to get the slow internet issue get fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Reset Your Comfast Extender

Are you sure that you have performed Comfast extender setup in a proper way? We have a doubt! If you have actually configured your Comfast WiFi extender in a proper way, you would have made the most out of it already. Fret not! It hasn’t delayed yet! To fix partial or improper Comfast extender setup issue, we suggest you reset it once back to factory default values. What? Don’t know how to do so? Why worry? We have covered you already! Just follow the instructions highlighted below and know how to reset your Comfast WiFi extender.

  • First of all, get your Comfast WiFi extender gets disconnected from your internet connection, client devices, and router.

  • Are you done with it? If yes, press the Comfast extender’s reset hole. How would you do that? Using a pin or any similar object!

  • Hold it for some time and release it.

In this manner, you can easily reset your Comfast WiFi extender. Now, it’s time to perform Comfast extender setup again. Ensure to do it in a proper way this time.

The Last Words

Getting “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue is quite normal these days. But, you don’t have to sweat over it because you have these fixes handy. We really hope that they proved helpful to you in fixing “Comfast CF-WR758AC extender suddenly stopped working” issue. Now, you can enjoy the Comfast extender’s extended internet range in every noon and cranny of your house to the fullest.