comfast setup

One of the most preferred WiFi extenders in the market is Comfast. The reason behind it is that they allow the user to get access to a super-duper fast internet connection even in the internet dark zone of their houses. However, it becomes an irony when the Comfast extender fails to connect to the router after performing Comfast WiFi extender setup. Have you lately been facing the same problem? If the nod is in yes, then the time to get rid of the problem has come.

What we expect from your end is the implementation of the troubleshooting techniques mentioned here. Thus, read on.

Fixed: Comfast WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Router

  1. Reboot the Extender

You might be considering it as the simplest hack. But, know that this simple hack has saved many from spending millions on their WiFi extender. Let us tell you how. Being a technical device, your Comfast extender is exposed to online activities. As a result, technical glitches overpower it affecting its ability to do various tasks. Comfast extender not connecting to the router being the one. Thus, without any wait, reboot your Comfast range extender. Okay, wait! Do you need help rebooting your Comfast extender properly? Refer to these steps:

  • Switch off your Comfast wireless repeater.

  • The next step demands unplugging from the current wall socket.

  • Done? Good! Wait for a while then.

  • Now, do the opposite of the first two steps and you’ll be all set.

  1. Check the Ethernet Cable

If rebooting your Comfast extender doesn’t help you out then probably not the technical glitch but a damaged Ethernet cable might be the one troubling you. To be sure, have a look at the one connecting your WiFi devices. Come on! It needs to be checked because it holds the direct connection between your WiFi devices.

Okay! Is the Ethernet cable damaged? Yes? Well, you’ve just spotted a reason behind the problem you are facing. To make things right, you need to do some effort. Get out of your comfort zone and order a new Ethernet cable. But, won’t it be time-consuming? Well, buy it from the market then. After employing the new Ethernet cable, see to it whether the Comfast extender not connecting to the router issue has been fixed or not.

  1. Bring Your Devices Closer

Coming to this point signifies that you are still unable to create a connection between your Comfast repeater and router. Isn’t it? Well, it seems that the whole mess was created during the Comfast repeater setup process. What’s that? The mess of keeping your devices too far. FYI, placing them at too much distance is one of the greatest mistakes done by everyone. It only affects signal propagation. Thus, devices fail to communicate with each other.

So, bring your extender and router a little closer. However, we would like to suggest you not bring your devices that much closer. Doing that will create a clash between the signals of both WiFi devices. Do you want that?

  1. Change the Device Location

The location of the device is of utmost importance. Many scenarios are there when the user places the device in a congested space and ends up creating chaos. There are many devices and appliances in the house that does not the WiFi signals of your range extender to move properly throughout the house. They either block them or divert them. Such things are called WiFi interfering factors.

Thus, you have to move your range extender away from the location that gives shelter to devices emitting radio wave frequencies (refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, treadmills, baby monitors, etc.). Bluetooth devices also need to be kept at a bay from your Comfast WiFi repeater. And you know what? Water can also absorb the WiFi signals emitted by your range extender. Thus, do not place your WiFi range extender close to an object that contains a lot of water.

  1. Reset the Extender

This should be your final resort when you are unable to fix the issue after implementing the above-mentioned tips. This is why the wrong setup procedure of the extender might be interfering and creating the issue. So, without wasting much of your time, locate and push the Reset button on your range extender.

With the push of that button, every customized setting from your range extender will get deleted. Along with them, the issues that have emerged since the extender setup process will also get resolved. And, you have to start from the beginning. So, access the Comfast WiFi extender login page and start using your extender.


That’s all about fixing the Comfast WiFi extender not connecting to the router issue. We hope that you have now successfully gotten rid of the issue. If yes, then we would like to know your troubleshooting experience. The comment section is all yours.