D link router setup

D-Link devices are loved by everyone since they have been introduced. Setting up D-Link networking devices in the house is all about killing internet dead zones. That is why people prefer doing a D Link router setup However, some prefer installing a D-Link range extender to compliment their host routers. D-Link introduces firmware updates on a timely basis so that users don’t need to buy new devices to access new networking features.

But, the problem arises when the D-Link setup page stops working after the firmware update. Are you also going nuts because of the same issue? If yes, then read this post and bid adieu to the issue you are facing in a snap.

Fix: Dlink Setup Page Not Working After Update

  1. Reboot Your D-Link Extender

Imagine your mobile phone suddenly starts behaving weirdly. What will be the first thing you will do in order to revive your mobile phone’s performance? You simply reboot it. Right? Well, this is the thing you have to do with your D-Link extender. Sometimes, the D-Link setup page won’t load after the firmware update due to technical glitches. And, there’s no easier method other than rebooting to resolve technical glitches.

To reboot your D-Link extender, you have to give it some rest by unplugging it from the wall socket and plugging it back after a short period. Thereafter, try to access the D-Link setup page and see if you get success.

  1. Update the Web Browser

Chances are that the web browser you are using to gain access to the D-Link setup page is outdated. FYI, an outdated version of the web browser is known to create a number of issues including the one you are facing. Therefore, update the web browser to do away with the issue at hand.

Besides, ensure that the web browser is not accumulated with cache and cookies. An unnecessary file on the web browser also halts the access to the D-Link setup page. So, delete it as soon as possible.

  1. Check the Web Address

At times, users accidentally enter the incorrect web address to access the D-Link extender setup page. Know that the correct web address to reach the D-Link setup page is http //dlinkap.local. So, enter it in the exact order as it is written.

Apart from this, avoid using the search bar of the internet browser to access the extender’s web address for the D-Link setup page. It not only prevents you from reaching the correct destination but also takes you into a labyrinth of various results.

  1. Check Login Details

Are you sure that you have entered the correct admin details to access the D-Link setup page? Many users in a hurry of reaching the extender’s dashboard enter the incorrect username and password and fall into a pit of issues similar to the one you are currently facing. It looks you’re your name is also on that list.

So, rectify your mistake right away and use the correct D-Link extender login details to access the setup page. Avoid typos and ensure to use new admin details if any changes have been made to the default ones. Cross-check login details before clicking Login.

  1. Remove Viruses

You might also be failing to reach the D-Link extender setup page if there are viruses or malware on the computer being used for the process. Needless to say how hazardous viruses are for your home network.

Therefore, install antivirus software on your PC and run a scan for viruses. In case any virus or an infected file is detected, delete it. Thereafter, check whether you get success in reaching the D-Link setup page.

Final Thoughts

After walking through the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above and following them, you will be able to access the D Link WiFi extender setup page. Just in case every tip failed to bring you luck, then the issue might have arisen due to the wrong firmware file. In that case, you need to reset your D-Link WiFi range extender and set it up from scratch.

The extender can be reset by pressing and holding the Reset button carefully. As soon as the default configuration of the D Link WiFi extender gets restored, consider accessing the D-Link extender login page and setting it up again. This time you’ll surely be able to fix the problem you are facing.