Amped wireless range extender

With the advent of technology, humans have explored the dimensions of the universe. Talking to a friend abroad is no more a challenge. All you have to do is call him or get in touch with him via social media. But, what has made our life easier is a wireless internet connection. A variety of networking devices are introduced daily in the market. However, it is not possible to buy a new device equipped with new features every day. That is why companies that bankroll the networking device introduce a firmware update regularly.

Firmware update helps the device to stay in competition with the contemporary device. In other words, doing firmware updates on a networking device is an economical solution to access top-notch WiFi features without investing in a new device. This post covers all the essential information regarding the firmware update of an Amped wireless range extender  So, if you own an Amped extender, this post will be your one-stop solution to update it. Read on.

Steps to Do Amped Extender Firmware Update

Given below are the steps to help you upgrade the firmware of your Amped extender:

  • Start by creating a connection between your Amped range extender and the host AP.

  • The connection can be wired or wireless.

  • Skip the 1st step if you have already connected your devices properly.

  • Now, power up your WiFi devices after plugging them into the nearest power outlets.

  • Wait for the power LEDs on your devices to gain stabilization.

  • Thereafter, turn to your PC and connect it properly to a working power source.

  • Is your PC ready for use? Good! Now, open a web browser.

  • Consider downloading the latest firmware file for your Amped extender in the next step.

  • Save the firmware file at the most convenient location on your PC.

  • Get back to the internet browser and launch a new tab.

  • Hit the Enter key in order to redirect to the official login window of your Amped extender.

  • Once there, enter the default admin password of your Amped device and click Login.

  • Wait for the Amped extender dashboard to appear.

  • The moment you see the Amped wireless extender web-based management page, click the Management tab.

  • Now, locate the Upgrade Firmware option and click it.

  • On the next window, upload the firmware file you downloaded earlier.

  • Wait for the Amped firmware update process to get completed.

That’s how you can get your Amped WiFi extender updated. Just in case you got stuck while doing a firmware upgrade, take the help of the below-mentioned troubleshooting techniques.

Can’t Do Amped Extender Firmware Upgrade?

  • Make sure that the connection between your Amped WiFi extender and the host AP is not unstable. For this, bring them a little closer. Additionally, use a non-damaged Ethernet cable in the case of a wired connection.

  • You must stay on the Amped setup wizard after uploading the extender’s firmware file. Some users prefer playing games or doing other background activities while the Amped firmware update is in progress. It is not advisable. Thus, consider rectifying your mistake right away.

  • You might have downloaded the wrong firmware file for your Amped WiFi extender. Know that uploading the wrong firmware file on the extender can make it non-functional. Thus, you always have to download the firmware file as per the model number of your Amped extender.

  • The web browser being used to update the firmware of the Amped extender must be updated. An outdated web browser is also a responsible factor when it comes to halting Amped firmware updates.

  • Consider avoiding typos while entering the default Amped login password. In addition, use the new password if you’ve ever customized the extender’s details.

Final Thoughts

After giving a shot to the tips discussed above, you will surely be able to do a firmware update via the Amped wireless extender setup  wizard. Wrapping up the post with the hope that the article has worked in your favor.