It has been found that children who fall behind in kindergarten, are most likely to fall behind in their entire educational syllabus. As per experts, kids who attend preschool are most likely to be prepared for kindergarten, than those who don’t. The importance of early childhood education cannot be underestimated. But why early childhood education is so important for preschoolers?

A major part of critical brain development among children happens before they join kindergarten. This development impacts everything from scholar performance to lifelong social skills. Parents who are doubtful about enrolling their kids in a preschool program should not hesitate.

Early childhood education programs are not spendings, but an investment in your child’s future. There are several affordable and high-quality childcare education options available that could be an excellent fit for your preschooler. Read on to know more about early childhood education programs and how they can help your child from start.

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education starts from the time when a child is born until they start kindergarten. This period is so much more important than just learning the necessary skills and preparing for K-12. In early childhood programs, kids learn to interact with their classmates and teachers. They start to discover the interests that they further hold for a lifetime.

Therefore, it’s important to choose the right preschool program for your child. There are certain key factors that you want in your kid’s preschool program. First of all, you want to look for quality and approachable teachers. Programs that offer learning opportunities such as music and art and help them stay active are all positive signs of a high-quality preschool program.

Socialization: A Key Component

Children taking part in early childhood education programs have been noticed to improve their social skills. They learn how to share, listen and take turns with others. Teachers in a preschool program use stories, songs and games to teach children how to interact. Playing is also a crucial component of learning social skills that are important for children throughout their lives.

The social skills that your kid can learn in a preschool classroom include expressing their emotions such as sadness, happiness and anger. They will also learn to cope with their feelings. Being in a group setting, a kid can also work on their listening skills. Because of the presence of several students and a few teachers, they will learn to wait for their chance and don’t interrupt when others are talking. In an early childhood education program, a child will learn to cooperate with kids of the same age. This is essential for children, especially for those who don’t have siblings at home.

Better Performance in Academics

Data reflects that kids who participate in early education perform better in K-12 classes. Children having access to preschool before kindergarten perform better in math and reading. There is a direct correlation between children who stayed home with parents and underperformance in school.

A study by Harvard revealed that early childhood education leads to a lower chance of below-average performance in school. Some other studies have also revealed similar results related to academic performance and graduation rates. Another study showed that for students who attended preschool, the graduation rates were 80%. On the other hand, for students who didn’t have the opportunity to attend preschool, the graduation rates were 60%.

Love of Lifelong Learning

The most identical benefit of enrolling on early education programs is that it increases the love of learning that lasts well past the preschool years. The lessons in a preschool are presented in form of games and fun activities. They get to discover all new things present in the world around them. They have access to exciting music, toys and art that they don’t have at home.

The early exposures inspire children to know more and develop a passion for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Wrapping It Up

Evidence that proves the importance of early childhood education is overwhelming. Children taking part in these programs have improved social skills as well as performed better in school. They learn essential life skills that stay with them forever.

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