Netgear Orbi App

It is undoubtedly true that the Orbi WiFi mesh system is a mind-blowing device when it comes to enjoying high-speed internet. Netgear Orbi is used by millions of people because this device is suitable for all-sized homes. The Orbi device can easily handle multiple devices at one time and provides a lag-free internet speed to the users. But, somehow, nowadays, Orbi users face issues with an Orbi app because the Orbi app unable to connect to the router. If you are also one of those people who are facing the same issue, then you are at the right place. Here, in this post, we will give you guide to eliminate the issue hassle-free.

Before we dig into the troubleshooting tips, we would like to tell you about the factors that might have forced you to experience the issue. By getting familiar with the reasons, you will be able to easily tackle the issue on your own.

[Causes] Orbi App Not Connecting to Router

There are many possible reasons why Netgear Orbi is not connected to the router. All the causes are mentioned below; you just need to walk through them:

  • Old Version of Netgear Orbi app
  • Technical glitch
  • Orbi set at AP mode
  • Use the wrong WiFi Login information
  • Background activity interference

Thus, these are the possible causes that might have dragged you to face the issue related to the Orbi app. Now, let’s help you to eliminate this issue by these troubleshooting steps.

[Fix] Orbi App Unable to Connect to Router

Now, through this section, we will help you to the issue at hand with helpful solutions. You just need to read the hacks carefully.

Reboot Your Orbi Mesh WiFi System

There is a possibility that a technical glitch created the issue. However, by rebooting your device you can easily remove the temporary hiccups from the device because an electronic gadget Orbi system also needs to restart from time to time. So, we recommend you reboot your device as soon as you can to remove the glitches.

To do a reboot, you just need to remove the Orbi mesh WiFi from the wall outlet and need to give some recovery time to the device. Thereafter, put the Orbi back into the power socket. Moreover, you can also follow this hack if you face the Orbi satellite flashing white issue.

Now, you should check whether the. If you are still stuck with the same situation, then follow the next hack.

Disable Orbi from AP Mode

If you want to connect your Orbi router with the app then you need to make sure that your device should not set to AP mode. To check the AP mode, you need to get access to the Orbi login page. Once you login into the Orbi router dashboard you need to go to the Advanced > Router \ AP mode.

Now, you can see which mode is enabled on your Orbi mesh WiFi system. If you found your device set to AP mode then we recommend you set it to Router mode. Once you did this, your router will easily connect with the Netgear Orbi app.

Update the Orbi App

You need to make sure which version of the app you are using. If you found your Orbi app is running to an old version, then update it as soon as you can. You can take the help of the application store of your device to update the app.

Hence, this is how you can solve the issues related to the Orbi app. In case you are still stuck in the same situation then we recommend you try to download the app in another phone and access the router.