Cyber Literacy is an important and necessary knowledge that every internet user must possess, especially in today’s internet era. With the growth in internet speed and the area of its reach expanding, every second a new internet user is joining the ever-growing pool. It should not come up as a surprise that most of these users do not have adequate knowledge of the various dangers that using the internet creates. Cybersecurity breaches, password thefts, malware, and ransomware attacks are being reported by many users. Even large corporates and multi-national companies are not safe from these cybercriminals and hackers. Thus, having the right training in cybersecurity is more of a necessity in an organization than just a bonus.


Cybersecurity Training in Organization


Learning about cybersecurity threats and best practices must be a part of the company culture itself. Employees and leaders of the organization should take part in cybersecurity training to learn about the various threats and vulnerabilities that cybersecurity breaches can create. This also includes making every member of the organization aware of the proper ways to protect their passwords of their office as well as their personal accounts. Members can be encouraged to use methods to secure passwords and valuable information like MFA (multifactor authentication), PIN (personal identification number), and biometric tools like fingerprint or facial recognition.

Another way to ensure a safe and secure organizational operation is to encourage employees to keep their work systems and devices updated. Using password managers or single sign-on (SSO) tools should also be encouraged. Hackers and cybercriminals often steal passwords or use the personal information of employees to attack business organizations. Thus, the knowledge of cybersecurity and advancement in cyber literacy must come from the management. If the leaders and the top management are not agreeing with the cybersecurity training concept, then the organization is bound to fail in its quest to protect itself from cybersecurity threats.


Benefits of Cybersecurity Training in Organizational Improvement


Apart from improving the cyber literacy of the organization, cybersecurity training can be highly effective in improving the overall productivity of an organization. Making cybersecurity training a part of the company culture will help every member of the company gain knowledge about the online threats to the organization and equip them with the right defence ideas. Usually, cybersecurity professionals are hired in organizations to do this job. They not only protect the information of the organization they work for, but they also educate every member about the various aspects of cyber literacy.

Along with protecting valuable organizational information, cybersecurity professionals help protect the data of customers of the organization as well. This in turn promotes trust and transparency between the stakeholders and the customers of the organization. All these practices when combined will help make a strong and stable business enterprise that values security. Organizations can build a reliable business that protects their customers’ integrity as well as their own. Improving cyber literacy through cybersecurity training is a must for every member of the organization to achieve success.