Rockspace WiFi Extender

Rockspace WiFi extenders’ contribution to the networking realm is undeniable. They have raised the bar high with their higher outputs and customer satisfaction. But, setting up a Rockspace extender and accessing the internet is not the only thing that user has to do. There are a number of things that need to be done after the completion of the extender’s installation. But, the most important step that every Rockspace extender user is supposed to take is the modification of the default http //re.rockspace.local login password.

Is your Rockspace device also operating on the password that has been provided to it at the time of the purchase? If yes, then you’re doing injustice with your home network. Know that keeping the admin password the default one is nothing less than leaving the door unlocked. FYI, the default Rockspace password is known to everyone in this internet era. And, you can’t expect a hacker to stay silent seeing a vulnerable WiFi device and play polo. Will you? Considering this, we’ve penned down this post. Here, you’ll learn the entire process of assigning a new admin password to your Rockspace range extender. Read on.

How to Change Rockspace Extender Password?

Step 1- Load an Internet Browser

The process of changing the admin password of a Rockspace wireless device starts right with the loading of an internet browser on a PC. You have a plenty of options available for the web browser selection. But, we would suggest you proceed using a safer one. If its cache, cookies, and search history are cleared, then it would be a plus point.

Step 2- Access the Rockspace Login Page

Now, you need to make your way to the address box of your internet browser. Know that the address bar can be located at the top of the web browser. Once you reach there, key in the Rockspace range extender’s default URL and press the Enter key after cross-checking the URL entrée. In a moment, you will cross paths with the admin page of the range extender.

Step 3- Log in to the Extender

Have you reached the admin window a.k.a. the Rockspace extender login screen? If yes, then the next step is to input the default password and username of your wireless device. Be sure that you enter the value into its respective field only. Else, logging in to the Rockspace device and changing the admin password will become a task next to impossible for you. Once you’re done with the password and username entree, consider selecting the Log In button to proceed.

Step 4- View Settings

The Log In button will open the door to the Rockspace extender setup wizard for you. Now, you are expected to navigate to the Settings panel and locate the Administration menu. Once there, select the Password option. Thereafter, you will be prompted to input the new password for your Rockspace extender. You will also be asked to insert the existing password. Thus, do what you are prompted to and click the Save button. Within a few moments, you’ll notice that the changes you’ve made to your Rockspace device have become effective.

This is how you can assign a new admin password to your wireless range extender brought in by Rockspace. However, you are supposed to give a strong password to your extender. With that said, ensure that the one you’ve assigned to your extender is a combination of letters, digits, and special characters. Also, do not use your personal details as the password. Using the password same as other accounts is also not suggested.

The Bottom Line

Changing the http //re.rockspace.local admin password is essential as it is the only key to reach the dashboard of your Rockspace range extender. We are expecting that you’ve successfully changed the password of your wireless device with the help of the instructions we’ve highlighted in this post. However, if you are unable to get success with the Rockspace password-changing procedure, you’re supposed to:

  • Reboot your WiFi extender by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it in after a few moments

  • Change the web browser you are using or upgrade the existing one

  • Use the correct URL as well as make its entrée into the URL bar instead of the search box

  • Ensure that a finger-tight connection is there between your WiFi devices

  • Create a password that lacks repetitive characters like % as your extender can consider it as a programming string

After you take care of the aforementioned things, nothing will stop you from getting the password of your extender changed. So, you are now required to put the new admin password to use for future logins.

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