Comfast WiFi Slow Internet Connection

Comfast range extender doesn’t seem to lag when it comes to providing a high-speed internet connection and unlimited connectivity. Still, the internet is flooded with a lot of queries regarding the Comfast WiFi extender slow internet connection. Are you also the one who filed a similar query?

If you have nodded your head in yes, then congratulations. Your query will get answered in this post. Here, we will be revealing various techniques using which you can fix the slow internet connection issue with your Comfast range extender. So, read on.

Fixed: Comfast WiFi Slow Internet Connection

  • The Extender’s Placement

After doing the Comfast range extender setup, users are suggested to relocate it to blanket every WiFi dead zone with a super duper internet connection. However, some users are ignorant when it comes to selecting an appropriate location for the range extender. Chances are that the slow WiFi connection has held your hand due to the same reason. What you need to do in this case is the relocation of the extender.

Your Comfast is not supposed to sit near corners, concrete walls, thick surfaces, and metal objects. Well, doing so won’t be sufficient because we are so addicted to technology that our smart devices are placed in the vicinity of the room where the Comfast extender is located. Know that smart devices can create chaos of your extender’s signals. On the other hand, reflexive surfaces tend to bounce back WiFi signals. Therefore, the closeness of the extender to any of these things is prohibited.

  • Use a Hardwired Connection

Wired connections are better than wireless ones in every phase when it comes to networking. It is because it allows devices to communicate directly. Therefore, if you have connected your devices using a wireless source, then we suggest you hardwire the connection.

But, you need to make a few considerations before doing that. Firstly, ensure that the Ethernet cable you are going to use offers higher data transmission. Secondly, it must be free of all kinds of damages. It means no cuts and fragmented optical. Lastly, it needs to be tightly inserted into the ports of your Comfast extender and router. On the off chance you still want to go with a wireless source, then ensure that your WiFi devices are not suffering separation. However, too much closeness should also be avoided.

  • Update the Firmware

Do you know that your Comfast extender runs on a set of instructions? What are those instructions collectively called? The firmware, right? But, are you aware that the firmware of your Comfast device needs to be updated on a timely basis? No? Well, now you know. Updating the firmware via the Comfast WiFi extender login page allows the user to equip his device with the latest features. The best part about updating the extender’s firmware is that your device’s security also gets enhanced.

To update Comfast firmware, first of all, you need to download the file with respect to the extender model you own. As soon as you do it, run the admin page of your extender with the help of the default IP. Log in to your device thereafter and upload the firmware file. However, you are not allowed to disturb your extender during the firmware update process.

  • Reboot the Comfast Extender Regularly

A reboot a day keeps technical glitches away. So, do you regularly reboot your Comfast extender? No? Well, it can also be one of the prominent reasons why you are facing a slow internet connection problem with the Comfast device. Reboots not only keep technical glitches away but also improves your extender’s performance. What are you waiting for then? Reboot your extender and make it a regular practice.

Don’t worry! Rebooting your Comfast device is not a time-consuming process. All you have to do is give some rest to the device. That’s possible only if you turn off your Comfast extender and switch it on after some period. Your extender will be back to provide you with a refreshing internet experience.

In the Nutshell

The slow internet connection does not trouble you after showing its signs. But, it is surely one of the most annoying Comfast extender problems. Anticipating that the tips shared above will be of some help to you and your extender will regain access to a high-speed internet connection.

But, what if every hack fails? In that scenario, the issue might be an outcome of the incomplete Comfast WiFi extender setup process. Therefore, you have to perform the complete extender setup process after restoring it to the factory default mode.