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No other activity is more refreshing than playing your favorite online game. But, what if when you are at the most important point in the fame and the internet correction drops out of nowhere? Well, that’s painful! The PS4 disconnecting from WiFi of the Wavlink range extender is an irritating problem. But, thankfully, you can get rid of it.

If you are experiencing connection issues between your Wavlink range extender and PS4, then it’s not necessary that PS4 is the one to be blamed. Sometimes, the issue might have arisen from the end of your range extender. Given in this post are some of the most effective troubleshooting hacks that will help you fix the PS4 disconnecting from WiFi of Wavlink extender issue with ease. So, read on.

[Resolved] PS4 Disconnecting from Wavlink WiFi

Before you get down to implement any troubleshooting hack, ensure that you have successfully completed the Wavlink extender setup process by accessing the wifi.wavlink.com setup page. If you’ve already done that, then get ready to give a shot to the following hacks:

  • Update the Firmware

Your PS4 might be encountering connection issues with the WiFi of Wavlink extender if the firmware of your extender has become outdated. Know that the outdated firmware of your extender can result in various including the one you are currently struggling with.

Therefore, update the firmware of your Wavlink wireless range extender right away. However, it is not allowed to do anything with your extender amidst the firmware update process. Additionally, do not upload the incorrect firmware file on your range extender. Doing so might make your Wavlink extender dead forever. After updating the firmware, check whether the PS4 disconnecting from WiFi issue is still troubling you.

  • Check Connectivity Between Devices

Are you sure that the connection between your Wavlink extender and host router is strong enough to provide an interruptible internet connection? Not sure? Well, spare some time and look at the same. First of all, check whether the connection is wired or wireless. Is it wireless? Good. Then, reduce the distance separating your extender and router. Too much or too less distance is not allowed.

In case an Ethernet cable has been used by you to establish a connection between your devices, then check whether it is working all well or not. If not, then you can change it with a new one. Additionally, the connection must be firm.

  • Reboot the Extender

Apart from doing firmware update via the Wavlink WiFi extender login page and check connectivity, a simple rebooting can also help you resolve the problem. It won’t be an overstatement if we say that rebooting can fix minor technical glitches.

Rebooting the Wavlink extender is not a daunting task. All you have to do is unplug the Wavlink device from the electrical outlet it is plugged into, wait for some time, and plug it back in. In case rebooting the Wavlink extender doesn’t help you resolve the PS4 disconnecting from WiFi issue, then get ready to implement the next hack.

  • Remove Wireless Interference

Have you ever wondered why the WiFi signals of your Wavlink range extender get faded all of a sudden? Its answer is WiFi interference. WiFi interference is another reason that results in connectivity issue between your Wavlink extender’s WiFi and PS4. Thus, you should concentrate on eliminating signal interference from the path of the WiFi signals emitted by your Wavlink device.

So, ensure that your Wavlink extender does not share its room with devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies, reflexive surfaces, thick concrete walls, and objects that carry a large quantity of fluids.

  • Reset the Extender

If nothing has worked so far in resolving the PS4 disconnecting from WiFi of Wavlink extender, then there are chances that the extender is not configured properly. In that scenario, you need to do Wavlink extender setup again. But, before that, you have to restore it to the factory default mode.

For this, you need to locate the Reset button on your Wavlink range extender and push it carefully. Once done, reconfigure your extender. To know how to set up Wavlink WiFi extender, consider taking the help of the user manual.

The Bottom Line

Facing connectivity issues with Wavlink range extender is common. But, you can fix them by carefully following the tips shared above. Hopefully, you will do excellent troubleshooting. Thanks for reading the post.