Netgear Orbi

If you have an Orbi device, you must have experienced its high-performance already. But, what happened? You forced to reset it! No problem! Resetting Netgear Orbi router isn’t a big deal. Just a few steps to follow and you are done with the process. But, the question is, what have led you reset your Netgear Orbi router. Well, there can be many reasons behind it like Orbi firmware update failed, Orbi app not working, Orbi got disconnected from the modem, can’t configure the Orbi, and many more. Fret not! Resetting is the only hack that you have to apply to get rid of any Orbi-related issues.

Thus, to reset your Netgear Orbi router in a hassle-free way from the comfort of your home, here are the instructions that needed to be followed by you in the exact given order.

There are two methods following which resetting Netgear Orbi will be a lot easier for you. Apply any one method you prefer.

Important Points to Remember

Before we provide you steps to reset your Netgear Orbi router using the soft reset method, there are some important points you have to keep in consideration. Have a quick look below:

  • Ensure that your Orbi device is receiving a sufficient power supply from a working yet non-damaged power socket.
  • Make sure to use the URL bar only for entering or web address. Keep in mind, if you enter them in the search bar, then you are surely going to face or not working issue.
  • The Orbi’s username and password must be entered correctly into the exact fields as they are case-sensitive.
  • Do not forget to disconnect your internet modem and Netgear Orbi router.

Now, you can apply the steps given-below in order to soft reset your Netgear Orbi router.

Netgear Orbi Router: Soft Reset

To soft reset your Netgear Orbi router, follow the steps outlined underneath:

Step 1: Turn on your computer.

Step 2: Launch a web browser and in the URL bar type or

Step 3: Press Enter and the Orbi login window will be displayed.

Step 4: Enter the Orbi’s username and password into the required fields, click Log In to access the basic home page of your Netgear Orbi router.

Step 5: Reaching here, locate and click on the Reset option.

Till the time to reach “step 5”, your Netgear Orbi router will be reset already using the soft reset method.

If you don’t want to use the soft reset method to reset your Netgear Orbi router, then you the hard reset method to get the job done Here we go!

Netgear Orbi Router: Hard Reset

Here are the steps you must follow correctly to hard reset your Netgear Orbi router:

Step 1: Look for the reset button on your Orbi device. And, most important thing, do not unplug it. A steady power supply is very helpful for a successful completion of the Netgear Orbi router reset process using the hard reset method.

Step 2: Get a pin, paper clip, or any thin or pointed thing you have.

Step 3: Insert the object into the Orbi’s reset hole very carefully and gently.

Step 4: Hold it and release it after a few seconds.

Kudos! You did it! You have successfully reset your Netgear Orbi router using the hard reset method. Now, to make the most out of your Orbi, you need to configure it again via or web address. And, once the Orbi’s configuration process completed, perform the Orbi firmware update process without any delay.

Perform Firmware Update using Orbi App

To enhance the performance of your Netgear Orbi router and take its security level to the next level, you must perform Orbi firmware update process.

Given below are the instructions to perform Orbi firmware update process using the Orbi app:

Step 1: Connect your smartphone or computer/ laptop to your home network.

Step 2: Download, install, and open the Orbi app.

Step 3: Sign In. Enter the Orbi’s username and password in the fields provided.

Step 4: The Netgear Orbi’s router dashboard will display. On the top-left corner, tap on the Menu icon.

Step 5: Go to Orbi’s Settings and tap on Router Settings.

Step 6: Tap on Update Firmware and follow further Orbi firmware update instructions.

The Last Words

Netgear Orbi reset process will help you bring the device back to factory default values. Thus, if you face any sort of Orbi-related issues, you can easily fix them by simply resetting the device using the instructions provided below.