Due to the unfavourable climatic conditions of Switzerland, a tiny part of Switzerland’s economy comes from agricultural and farming activities. For example, only little to 1% of the gross domestic product usually comes from the agricultural industry in Switzerland. Since the agricultural industry is not as significant as discussed, it still plays an important role. Most of the harvested products like livestock, fruits, vegetables, other crops get sold in the nearby markets. Having said that, a few agricultural products like Swiss cheese has significant demand in the global market. 

Legal Factors To Keep In Mind

According to the Swiss Code, factors that may affect the price/value of your property must be disclosed. According to the law, if the property owner misses this, it can be a punishable offence. Therefore, it is always good to get your property checked by a surveyor before putting it on sale to avoid legal matters. In the sales agreement, one must clarify the seller’s legal responsibilities to ensure nothing is left untouched. Additionally, if you get your property valued by an excellent professional, it adds to the final evaluation.

The seller is not responsible for the property after the sale is complete in the majority of the Swiss real estate transactions. However, the seller is still held responsible for any remaining faults that the property owner did not disclose before.

 It is essential to hire a Swiss notary to help you out when you have decided to sell your property. However, you don’t need this until the time of sale.  

Find out The Value of Your Land

An essential part of selling agricultural land in Switzerland online is finding an appropriate price at which you would want to sell it off. And also, make it fair according to the market. An important step is to get your property valued. This can quickly be done by following the ways mentioned below. There are a few tools available on the internet that you can utilise for this purpose. Usually, such tools come free of cost and are simple to use. The only essential thing that you will have to do is give information about your property, such as its location and size. 

Another method of getting your land valued is to contact an industry expert who has ample knowledge about the market. These experts typically perform a detailed investigation using the valuation methods that the industry usually accepts. Such methods are market value, actual asset value, or the hedonic technique. However, hiring an industry expert will cost you some amount of money. But this will help you get an accurate picture of the present value of your land. To check these rates, you can even go up to websites to verify if the rate of your land is appropriate or not. 


Using a Website To Sell Your Land

A fantastic method of selling your land or property in Switzerland is to utilise an appropriate website. In the technologically equipped world in which we live, such websites play an essential role. They may land you a perfect deal, so these websites and online tools are gaining popularity these days. Compared to the original and organic ways of selling property offline, these websites are more accessible, quicker and inexpensive. However, these websites only help promote your land and get good deals. The rest of the formalities remain your responsibility. There are many such websites that you can find just by one search on the internet. You can do a bit of research and make a list of good websites that you can use to make your decision more thoughtful. The cost of marketing is also sometimes much less than what you would otherwise spend if you hire an industry expert. 

Get A Notary’s Assistance 

After you have decided to sell your property in Switzerland, it is a prerequisite to hiring a notary to assist you. Notaries have a significant role in drafting and being involved in the contracts and agreements related to the property after you find a suitable buyer. Even though a notary’s job comes into play after finding a buyer, it is good advice to find one as soon as you start looking for buyers. So, as soon as you lock a deal, you won’t have to waste time finding a notary. 

The Swiss notary you hire will be responsible for making the contract for selling the property. Both the concerned parties must sign this contract after the deal is locked. 


This article is a short guide on how you can sell your agricultural land or property in Switzerland. It has all the necessary details that you will need to look into before you proceed to sell your agricultural land in Switzerland.