Firmware updates hold a powerful position when it comes to streamlining the performance of a Comfast WiFi extender. Not only because it provides bug fixes but also due to the introduction of enhanced security features. The out-of-order execution also gets improved after updating the Comfast extender firmware. It means no delays while processing information. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the firmware update process of your Comfast extender, consider the steps mentioned in this post. Here, you will also learn how to fix issues that you might come across while updating the Comfast extender firmware. Read on.

Steps to Update Comfast Extender Firmware

  1. Start by powering up your Comfast wireless range extender. For this, you have to connect it to a power socket near the main router. Once done, find and press the Power button on your extender. The LED on your device will light up.

  1. Now, take a coaxial cable and use it for connecting your Comfast extender to the main router. You are also free to make use of a wireless source for the extender-router connection. Irrespective of the source used, the connection is supposed to be stable and secure.

  1. The moment you’re done connecting your Comfast extender to the main WiFi router, you need to move to your PC and switch it on. Right after that, you need to check for updates on your PC. If available, install the latest update before doing anything else. It will help you avoid issues while updating the Comfast wireless range extender firmware.

  1. Thereafter, load a web browser like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc. As soon as the browser is ready to use, visit the Comfast extender official website and download the firmware file according to the model number of your device. It is advised to save the file at the most convenient location on your PC.

  1. Open a new tab on the browser and type in the default IP address of your Comfast range extender into the address field. Press the Enter key. FYI, the default IP of Comfast extenders might vary from model to model. Therefore, it is suggested to check the Comfast WiFi repeater user manual before entering the default IP.

  1. Pressing the Enter key will open up the Comfast admin page for you. This is the page where you are required to key in the default password of your Comfast wireless range extender. So, enter the same into the designated field and click the Login button.

  1. Do you see the Comfast range extender setup wizard? That’s great! You’re just a step further to completing the Comfast WiFi range extender firmware update process. Here, locate the Firmware Update option under the Management section and click it.

  1. On the Firmware Update window, you will be prompted to upload the firmware file you’ve just downloaded from the official Comfast website. So, do as prompted and follow on-screen instructions.

  1. Within a few moments, your Comfast wireless range extender will start running on an updated firmware version. You have to be patient throughout the entire process and let the extender reboot as the last step to the completion of the Comfast firmware update process.

Although Comfast firmware update is a piece of cake, even for a novice, however, it has been noticed that users often struggle to get success with the process. Keeping that in mind, the next section is prepared so that users can update the firmware in a hassle-free manner.

Can’t Update Comfast Extender Firmware?

  1. The Ethernet cable connecting your Comfast extender and the main router can be anything but not damaged. A damaged Ethernet cable can result in internet-related issues during the process. Also, you need to take care that the connection is finger-tight. On the other hand, if you have opted for a wireless connection between your Comfast device and the main router, you need to place your WiFi devices closer. It will allow proper signal propagation.

  1. The default Comfast WiFi extender login password is case-sensitive in nature. Thus, you should avoid committing typos while entering it into its respective field. However, keep in mind that the default password will not help you out if it has ever been modified by you in the past.

  1. Always download the correct firmware file for your Comfast extender. Else, your extender will get bricked.

Sum Up

That’s all about how to update the firmware of a Comfast WiFi range extender. We hope that the steps discussed in this post will help you gift new features to your device. If yes, then do share your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading the post.