Digital marketplaces are rapidly getting more competitive and creative. If you cannot engage your audience, there are high chances that your message is not spreading as loud and clear as you hoped.

This is where digital signage comes in to save the day! With this approach, you can easily use content like digital images, media, video, etc., to help increase brand awareness. Additionally, electronic signage has also helped improve queue management and reduce perceived times by over 35%.

As of June 30, 2021, there were 2,402,254 actively trading businesses in the Australian economy. These businesses can benefit tremendously from using digital signage. According to statistics, digital signage amount to 400% more views than static signage. Moreover, 46% of people viewing a digital sign in a store could recall at least one message.

The following are a few ways to use digital signage in Australia to make your content more appealing.


Remember walking in a mall and reading about the upcoming events or sale offers? This is exactly what digital signage is. Here, you utilise big multimedia screens in public settings to inform your audience about product launches, brand tie-ups or seasonal discounts.

As an Australian, you might have noticed that people are now more interested in purchasing from brands that give back to society. Therefore, you can also use digital signage in Australia to raise awareness for a cause.

Inspirational Quotes

It can be tiring for users to consume brand advertisements continuously. As a result, your marketing team might find it typical to get more conversions. But you can try adding inspirational and entertaining quotes to stand out from the rest of the billboards.

The key point to note here is that you can subtly add your brand plug-in and create a pleasing environment to work in. Such content can help change the advertising outlook for organisations like gymnasiums, wellness spas, etc.

Interactive Games

There’s no better way to drive conversions than by making your content more engaging. While ads are great for informational purposes, they don’t allow the user to interact with your organisation directly.

However, through interactive forms of signage, users can play random games or even win discounts for your store. Additionally, you can opt to include features like signing up for a newsletter or completing a survey. The collected data can further help you optimise marketing strategies accordingly.

Display Time or Date

In general, people like it when digital signage boards display random information like time, date, weather, etc. You can say that such content helps make the place seem more welcoming.

Additionally, it can help you display specific company achievements, events or even work schedules. It is most helpful in places like movie theatres, theme parks, universities, cafes, etc.

Answer FAQs

Is your customer care team tired of receiving the same questions repeatedly? One way to solve it is by answering the most asked questions using digital signage. It will help save time and effort from your end.

Further, users appreciate it when their queries are solved without approaching the team. The FAQs could be based on your brand’s USP, payment plan, upcoming offers, etc.


Digital signage uses screens to display content that your potential audience would like to see. It could include your web landing page, upcoming events, directions, product catalogue or anything remotely connected to your brand.

Are you only dependent on print or social media to increase brand awareness? In this case, it is time to change the prerogative and indulge in digital signage in Australia. Not only will it help improve marketing, but it will also improve brand awareness.

Author : Carlsmith