victony wifi repeater

Setting up Victony WiFi extenders to extend the range of existing access points has become common these days. Thanks to the wonderful features of Victony WiFi range extender! After doing Victony extender setup, you can sit back and access high-speed internet anywhere in the house due to the elimination of dead zones. But, it does not mean that Victony extender can’t fall victim to any issue. There are times when the Victony WiFi extender keeps going offline.

Although it is not a big issue, still it has ruined the internet experience of many users. By any chance, you are struggling with the same issue, this is the post where you might’ve stepped up a long before. Well, we can’t undo what has happened. But, can provide you with troubleshooting techniques to fix the issue that is making you go nuts. So, grab those fixes by sticking to the reading.

Fix: Victony Extender Keeps Going Offline

  1. Reboot Your Victony Device

If your Victony WiFi extender keeps going offline, then it’s probably because it has become a victim of technical glitches. What to do in that case? Well, there’s no point in getting nervous. You only have to dare to restart your Victony WiFi range extender. In fancy terms, we’re asking you for rebooting.

So, without further ado, consider removing the extender out of its respective power socket. Thence, keep it aside and let it rest. After a few moments, plug it back into the power socket and notice whether the problem you were facing has become a story told in the past or not. If it still scaring you, then you should give a read to the next hack.

  1. Examine the Power Outlet

The power socket is one of the most responsible factors when it comes to any Victony extender-related activity. After all, it serves the purpose of providing electricity to the WiFi extender. But, are you sure that it is honestly doing its job? Well, it won’t do if it is damaged.

So, consider checking the same by yourself and if you find our assumption turning true, it is suggested that the extender must be connected to another power socket. But, this time to a working power socket.

  1. Reduce the Extender-Router Distance

Did you ensure the proper flow of WiFi signals of your Victony range extender before placing it? Well, it seems that you didn’t. Otherwise, your extender won’t keep going offline. Have no clues what we are talking about? Well, we are referring to the poor signal propagation due to the large extender-router distance.

If that is the case with you, then you are required to shorten the distance that separates your WiFi devices. It will help them transmit signals efficiently. And, who knows it will prevent your Victony extender from going offline without even notifying you. But, wait! Do not make the mistake of sticking your WiFi devices together. Else, the result won’t be in your favor. You might soon encounter a clash of their WiFi signals.

  1. Relocate the Victony Extender

Chances are that your Victony WiFi range extender is going offline due to its bad location. But, do you know which location is considered a bad one for the extender? FYI, any location that houses devices like microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, treadmills, cellular phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, washing machines, mirrors, geysers, fish tanks, aluminum studs, metal doors, etc. is a bad location for Victony device. It is because they cut off the extender’s potential to do better.

So, make sure your extender is away from the things mentioned above. However, a considerable distance should also be made from corners or concrete walls. If possible, give a central location of the house to your Victony extender.

  1. Check the Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable is the only source that facilitates direct communication between your Victony WiFi repeater and the main router. Thus, the Ethernet connection needs to perfectly match certain requirements. These requirements are:

  • The firmness of the connection – a finger-tight connection

  • Damage-free status of the Ethernet cable – free of wear and tear, neither flipped from any point.

If the Ethernet cable used by you doesn’t fulfill these requirements, then give its place to a new Ethernet cable.

Wrap Up

With that, the time to get to a conclusion has come. It is quite common to face the Victony WiFi extender keeps going offline issue. However, by following the above-discussed tactics, you can easily fix it. Thanks for staying connected.