My Wavlink Extender Not Working. Help Me Fix It!

Having access to a high-speed internet connection is all we need these days. Many networking devices out there are manufactured to cater to internet requirements. Out of them, Wavlink extenders are performing quite well. If you also own a Wavlink WiFi extender, then you are the right choice. But, what happened? Is your Wavlink extender not working? If you are answering yes, the write-up you are on right now is a perfect landing for you. Just stick to the troubleshooting hacks mentioned here and learn how to get the problem fixed.

Solved: Wavlink Extender Not Working

  • Check the Extender’s Power Supply

The first and foremost reason why you are not able to bring your Wavlink range extender to working status is the lack of a proper power supply. Don’t believe us? Well, why don’t you check the power outlet supplying electricity to your Wavlink range extender? What’s that? Damage. Well, the reason has been found. The only thing required is the troubleshooting trick.

You have two ways to fix the issue. The first one is the repairing of the wall socket you are currently using and the second one requires you to look for another wall outlet that is capable of supplying proper electricity to your Wavlink extender.

  • Reboot the Extender

Did you wonder if technical glitches can also influence your range extender? No? Well, know that technical glitches have been one of the topmost reasons that result in the non-working status of your Wavlink WiFi extender. Relax! Getting rid of technical glitches is not a difficult job. It can be done by a simple reboot.

Rebooting your range extender is one of the most effective solutions to combat technical glitches. The steps that are needed to be followed are unplugging after switching off the extender, giving it some rest, and then re-plugging it. Once you’re done with all this, see to it that the range extender has started working or not. If not, then worry not! A few more techniques are waiting to be given a shot.

  • Get Rid of Interference

Are devices or gadgets emanating electromagnetic waves surrounding your Wavlink range extender? Don’t know about them? Well, tell us whether your extender shares its location with televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, or baby monitors. If you’ve answered any of these questions with yes, then the time to change the location of your Wavlink extender is not away.

What did you say? Your extender is placed near a mirror? Well, that is also a poor location for your range extender. There are chances that WiFi signals of your range extender might get diverted from their paths creating the illusion of the issue you are facing. Well, it can also result in the http//ap.setup not working issue. To do away with interference, move the extender away from reflexive surfaces and anybody that contains a large amount of water.

  • Update the Firmware

Firmware updates- one of the most important practices that need to be followed after installing the range extender. Doing them ensure that your range extender is not lacking the latest functionalities. Also, it equips your device with higher security standards. Thus, chances are that your device is badly in need of the firmware update due to which it has quit working.

Therefore, without taking much time, consider updating the firmware of your range extender. It can be done with the help of the Wavlink extender dashboard. This is to notify you that the upload of the firmware file of one model on another model of the Wavlink extender is strictly prohibited. It can damage your extender forever.

  • Connect the Router and Extender Properly

Still, the Wavlink extender not working? Perhaps the gap between your Wavlink device and host AP i.e. the router is immense that has cut all the cords of communication between them. Oh! You have connected your devices using a wired source? Well, using a wired source won’t be fruitful if the one you are using has perished. What we mean is that you are using a worn-out cable.

To get rid of the problem, consider swapping the network cable you are using with a new one. In case you have used a wireless source for the connection, then you can look forward to bringing them a little closer. It will rejuvenate the communication between them and there will be the hope of your extender resuming its work again.

The Concluding Thought

With the last hack, the troubleshooting post discussing how to fix the Wavlink WiFi extender not working issue has come to an end. We are expecting that after you’ve done giving a shot to these hacks, the issue will no more be a headache for you. On the off chance, it is, then we want you to start your extender’s journey again. Yes, we are asking you to reset it to the default mode and make it up and running using the wifi wavlink com web URL.