Mydlink App Not Working

Since their introduction in the networking world, D Link extenders have maintained a top position. Users can manage their D-Link extenders either by accessing dlinkap.local or using the Mydlink app. However, a lot of users are complaining that the Mydlink app has stopped working after the update.

If you also have the same story, then giving a read to this post will change its climax. Because here, we will provide you with not one, or two, but five different hacks to get rid of the problem. So, stay connected to the post.

Fixed: Mydlink App Not Working After Update

  1. Reboot Your Smartphone

Sometimes, the Mydlink app stops working after the update due to technical glitches on the smartphone. So, rather than blaming the developers for faulty updates consider eliminating technical glitches on your mobile device. You can do it easily by giving a simple reboot to your mobile.

You are required to press and hold the Power button on your mobile until a few options pop up on the screen. Tap Reboot and let the smartphone reboot. Now, check whether the Mydlink app has started working or not. If not, then don’t wait to implement the next tip.

  1. Re-launch the App

Chances are that the app encountered an issue when you launched it for the first time. Therefore, try to re-launch the Mydlink app.

For this, clear it from the recent tabs, select its icon from the Home screen and re-launch it. Wait for some time and check whether the app has returned to its working state.

  1. Re-Install the App

Perhaps, you were busy playing games on your smartphone while the Mydlink app was getting updated. Know that doing so might also introduce some errors to the app and mostly lead to its improper installation.

Therefore, consider re-installing the app. But, before that, uninstall it. Tap its icon on the home screen and let a few options prompt. Thereafter, tap the Uninstall option and let the app get removed from your mobile. Given below are the steps explaining how to re-install the app:

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Type the Mydlink app in the search bar and tap the Arrow icon on the keyboard to move ahead.

  • Select the Mydlink app and tap Download.

  • Wait patiently and let the app gets installed on your mobile device.

  1. Check for Viruses

No matter whether you are doing a D-Link WiFi extender setup or making other changes to your extender via the app, the use of a contaminated mobile device is always prohibited. The reason is that viruses are a hazard to your entire home network.

Therefore, install an antivirus application on your mobile device and run a scan. Let the app detect the presence of viruses. Delete viruses (if detected).

  1. Check for Device Updates

It’s not only the Mydlink app that needs to be updated. Sometimes, it is a pending software update of the mobile phone that creates issues with the Mydlink app. Therefore, before you get caught in another web of issues, update the software of the mobile phone.

Updating the mobile phone is quite easy and does not require any expertise. All you have to do is move to the settings of your mobile phone, tap About, and then, select Check for Updates. Update your device to the latest Android or iOS version (if available).

Final Thoughts

It is quite common for users to encounter issues while using the Mydlink app. However, by keeping a nudge on the things mentioned above, they will be able to eliminate the issue once and forever. Wrapping up with the hope that you are now free of the issue you were facing. However, do not forget to maintain a stable connection between your D-Link extender and the host router to improve WiFi coverage. Do share your feedback about the post in the comment section.