Netgear wifi extender lights meaning

If you are experiencing your extender light being on but with no internet, then it means your extender is working properly, but there is something that bothers the internet.

This issue is created for many reasons, for instance, there is a possibility that your extender internet has been blocked by the internet service provider or might be one of the networks that have a problem. To make sure you should check the number of devices that are connected to your extender network and find out if your device has an issue or not.

Now, learn about the Netgear wifi extender lights meaning so that you can understand what is going on with your device or not by observing the light. Let’s dig in!

Detail About Netgear Extender Light Cords

Well, the meaning of extender lights is simply, the light telling you about the current status of the extender. So, in this section, we will tell you about the different types of extender lights and the meanings of lights.

The following points will guide you in detail:

Extender Green Light

The extender green light depicts the good condition of the device. As green light tells us the router is working in good condition and the internet is easily reaching the extender.

Orange Light on Extender

The meaning of the orange light is that your Netgear extender is not connected via internet cable or there is no internet coming through the cable.

If you see the orange light on your extender, you need to perform some troubleshooting steps to fix this light. The solution for the orange light is mentioned below in this post.

No Lights on Extender

If your extender does not illustrate any light, then you need to check the power connection. Sometimes damaged sockets do not give the appropriate power to the device.

Thus, these are the lights that you need to know as a Netgear extender user. Now, we will tell you about the solution to fixing extender lights that are on but have no internet issue.

Fix Extender Lights On But no Internet Issue

The very first thing you need to do is find out the root of the issue, by checking the Ethernet cable and WiFi of your extender. Sometimes broken Ethernet cables create obstacles and  WiFi settings are disabled.

But, if you found both the connections working well, then you need to perform some advanced troubleshooting steps. All the hacks are outlined in this section, so read them properly and implement them if you want to enjoy the internet.

Apply Reset Method

The reset method means that you need to recycle the power of your extender by pressing the reset button.

If you do not know about that method then don’t worries, below we mentioned the steps in detail, so go through them:

  • Ensure that your extender is working.
  • You need to find out the reset button on your device.
  • Once you locate the reset button press it for some time.
  • Now, your router will restart automatically to set default settings.

Thus, now you should check the internet by connecting your device with extender WiFi. In case you are not able to fix the issue then you need to perform the firmware update.

Update Firmware

If your device is running at the old firmware version then you need to update it as soon as you can.

However, before performing the firmware we suggest you check the firmware version first, to make sure which version you are using.

To check the firmware you need to get the internet from another device to access your extender’s default web address. Make sure you use an updated browser for getting access to the web address. Otherwise, you might face the not working issue. Once you access your extender login page, you can check your device’s firmware version.

Thus, these are the methods that assist you to get rid of the issues in less time.


Now, you know very well how to deal with the situation when all lights are on but the internet is not working. By performing the above methods you can solve the issue on your own.