Our environment is slowly degrading to the point of no return. We need to ensure that this will not happen in the long run. The only way is to improve the environment by adding sustainable practices to it. As the name suggests, Fairtrade coffee depicts the nature of trade where coffee growers were given a fair share of money for growing coffee. If enough fair share has been given, farmers don’t exploit more land for getting profits. This is the principle behind fair trade! Here are a few of the reasons due to which we should employ this type of coffee,


Wonderful Taste

What can be the best reason for having coffee? The taste itself is a wonderful and elegant one. It is something that enriches our morning time and makes us feel fresh. Be it hot or cold coffee, the adrenaline rush we experience would be very high due to the stimulant nature of those great seeds. We would never hate that excellent bed coffee for making Monday less tiring!


Safety Net for Farmers

This coffee is like a safety net to the farmers. Their pleas are not considered every time while deciding the market prices of the coffee seeds. With the fair trade set between the farmer and the business, farmers won’t be exploited. Even if they are betrayed, they can speak back because the trade itself is a ‘fair trade.’ Therefore, farmers need not waste much land or resources to get more profits from their coffee plants. Just the piece of productive land for growing the coffee is enough! This also increases the productivity of the land and reduces the urbanization of the forest lands. Thus it indirectly prevents environmental degradations like eutrophication, biodiversity loss and water logs that can be seen in the agriculture intensification process.


Better Terms of Trade

Fairtrade means good negotiations about the stalk holder’s preferences, interests, expectations, and legal responsibilities. This ensures the safety of both parties, and thus we can have fair trade. We would also have solid documents, bonds, and agreements signed between the parties. This not only contributes to the trade but also enhances the trust factor. What is in that trade with no foundation of trust involved in it?


Supports Entrepreneurs

Every hopeful entrepreneur or investor wants to build a future for them where they can be assured that they will receive the fruit of their actions. This is where the role of fair trade comes in. If an entrepreneur makes a move to do a coffee-related business, they can be assured that the justice system wouldn’t let them down. Such a trade arrangement also ensures a steady investment from various streams and countries. Supporting the country’s growth is like supporting the investment and growth of the country.


Farmer’s future

Even though agriculture is the primary source of our food, many people don’t respect them enough. Many are concerned about the market price, profits, and inflation when the harvest happens, but very few genuinely think about the farmer’s future. We can’t care little about this since the farmer’s future is our future.


We hope that we have enough reasons to support this coffee. This benefits everyone collectively – people, environment, and economy.

Author : Carlsmith