Roku Not Connecting to Wavlink Extender

Users of the Wavlink WiFi range extender have reported widespread problems maintaining a stable network connection on their Roku TV boxes in recent months. Even after configuring the extender with wifi wavlink com ap setup, they still can’t go online with their streaming player. Poor network connectivity, faulty Roku TV box hardware, or Wavlink WiFi range extender hardware are common causes of this issue.

Users are unable to stream or view their preferred TV episodes, movies, or online series as a result of this technical difficulty. You only need to pay close enough attention to the problem and it will quickly go. Immediately fix the problem by following the instructions carefully and in sequence.

How to Troubleshoot Roku TV Box and Wavlink Extender Issue?

  1. Access the Correct Network

Before you connect your Roku TV to your Wavlink wireless extender, be sure the network name or SSID is correct. Be sure to double-check the spelling of the extender’s SSID if you’re typing it in manually. Incorrect spelling might prevent your streaming player from accessing the Wavlink extender via your Roku device. The name of your home network may be verified by other devices accessing it.

  1. Use the Correct Password

The case is important for the network password. Pay close attention to the spelling if you’re inputting the password using a virtual keyboard. However, there is a potential that the password may be entered incorrectly if you use the voice search feature.

  1. Get Rid of Bugs

Minor problems with your Wavlink WiFi range extender might also contribute to the bug. You might try rebooting your Wavlink device. If your Roku set-top box can connect to the internet, then congratulations. Otherwise, the list of hacks hasn’t ended yet. You can try the upcoming hacks.

  1. Contact Your ISP

Your Roku TV will be unable to connect to the internet if the service is down or if there is a problem with the servers. To resolve this, you can get in touch with your Internet Service Provider and see whether the statement made by us is true or not. If it is, then give some time to your ISP.

  1. Check the Adapter

Try to access the Wavlink WiFi extender setup wizard and see if you get success. If you’ve been able to connect everything else except the Roku TV, but the TV box’s internal adapter is the problem, try replacing it due to which potentially erroneous results may occur at times.

  1. Remove Signal Blockages

Make sure there are no signal blockages between the Roku and the EX2700 amplifier. Barriers to the transmission of signals include the walls, the furniture, and other items in this room, such as the almirah. Move your gadgets out from behind such obstructions and check to see if the problem persists.

Bonus: Fixing the Most Frequent Roku Error Messages

  1. Code 009 Error

When you see an error message like this on your Roku TV box, it means the signal is weak even if you have the extender attached.

  1. Code 14 Error

This error number appears on your Roku TV screen when there is a problem with your router or extender.

  1. Code 17 Error

If your Roku TV is receiving a weak or nonexistent signal, error number 17 will appear. Bringing the Roku closer to the Wavlink wireless extender should fix the problem.

Wrapping Up

These steps will help you fix the issues with your Roku TV box and the Wavlink extender. Don’t be shy about sharing your experience in the space provided below. If none of these methods resolves the issue, try doing the Wavlink setup again via It will help you do away with all major and minor issues with the Wavlink device.