So, you reset your Amped wireless extender because it was unable to connect to the internet. Now, your extender is running in the factory default mode. But, what about the customized settings of your Amped range extender? Did you save their backup file? Great! But, do you know the steps to restore them? If you have answered this question in no, then this post will be your guiding light to get the process accomplished. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Steps to Restore Amped WiFi Settings

  1. Power Up the Extender

  • Connect your Amped wireless range extender to a power outlet.

  • Press the Power button.

  • Let the power light on your Amped glow.

  1. Connect Extender to Router

  • Pick up the network cable.

  • Connect the network cable’s one end to the host router and another to the Amped extender.

  • You can also use a wireless medium to establish a connection between your devices.

  1. Open a Web Browser

  • Switch on your computer.

  • Let it get ready to use.

  • Open Google Chrome or another web browser.

  1. Access

  • Now, navigate to the URL field.

  • Type

  • Press Enter.

  1. Locate Management

  • Pressing Enter will take you to the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.

  • Locate the Management tab.

  • Click Management > Save/ Reload Settings.

  • A new window will appear.

  1. Reload Settings

  • Click the Choose File button.

  • Find the backup file of your Amped range extender’s settings.

  • Once found, click the Upload button.

  • Wait for the previously customized settings of your Amped WiFi extender to get restored.

That’s it! Now, your Amped extender will run on the previously customized settings. It means the SSID, password, and admin password you have assigned to your extender are now restored. So, you have to access your Amped device using the new setting from now onwards.

Although it is quite easy to restore the Amped extender’s settings, however, some users get stuck with the process. To make sure you keep your name separate from them, consider following the tips given in the next section.

Tips to Successfully Restore Amped WiFi Settings

  1. Stable Power Supply

  • Never use damaged wall sockets to power up your Amped device, computer, or host router.

  • Make use of a UPS if any power fluctuation from the backend occurs.

  1. Proper Connectivity

  • If you have used a network cable, make sure that it is not fragmented from any end.

  • The Ethernet connection should be firm.

  • Consider not using a network cable with low data transmission rates.

  • The wireless source will work effectively only when the distance between your Amped range extender and the host router is optimal.

  1. No Viruses Allowed

  • Viruses can halt your access to Amped range extender setup wizard, so delete them.

  • Consider installing antivirus software on your PC before reloading the settings of your Amped extender.

  1. Update the Browser

  • The settings of your Amped extender can’t be restored if the browser you are using is outdated. So, update it.

  • Clear cache, cookies, and search history of the internet browser you are currently using.

  • Do not hesitate to experiment with different web browsers.

  1. Use the Correct Web Address

  • Avoid making mistakes while entering the default web address of your Amped range extender.

  • Do not use the search bar of the web browser to access

  • Stay on the Amped wireless setup wizard until the WiFi settings of your extender do not get restored.

Sum Up

That’s all about how to restore the WiFi settings of your Amped range extender. Here’s to hope that the steps discussed above will help you retrieve the previously customized settings of your Amped wireless extender. We wish for your wonderful experience with the Amped extender.