Do you want to extend the range of the router? Then you arrive at the right post. On this page, you will know only one method by which you can easily extend the range of the router. Let’s start. 

What Is Wavlink AC600 Extender? 

Wavlink AC600 is a device that is used to extend the range of WiFi signals in the house or in the office. It is also called the name of a long-range outdoor WiFi extender. 

Basic Requirement To Do The Configuration Process

  • Need Wavlink SSID and password. 
  • Your Wi-Fi-containing device must have access to the web browser. 
  • An active power socket. 

How To Login Into Wavlink Extender

  • First, place the power plug of the wavlink AC600 device in an electrical socket. 
  • Take any Wi-Fi-containing device such as a laptop, computer, mobile phone, etc. 
  • Now, link the Wi-Fi-containing device to the Wavlink_EXT network. 
  • Further, open any web browser on the connected device. 
  • After that, enter the web address in the URL bar. 
  • Next, the login page of the Wavlink AC600 extender will be open on your screen. 
  • Now, fill admin username and security password in the required field. 
  • In the end, tap on login. 

Note: If the web address of Wavlink extender not working perfectly then you can also use an IP address in place of that. If you don’t know the IP address check the tag of your Wavlink AC600 device. 

Configure Wavlink AC600 Extender By Web Browser

To do the setup process of the Wavlink extender you can either use a web address or an IP address. 


  • First, you will need to launch the web browser. 
  • Now, enter and in the URL bar. 
  • Next, enter your SSID and password to get access to your router dashboard. 
  • After that, you will get the configuration link on your display. 
  • Lastly, Follow all the instructions step by step, which are shown on display. 

Install Wavlink AC600 Extender By WPS Method

  • Firstly, place your Wavlink AC600 extender near the host router. 
  • Now, fix the power plug of the Wavlink AC600 extender in the power socket. Turn on your device
  • Next, push the WPS button on both the extender and router devices. 
  • Further, wait until to see a stable green LED on both gadgets. 

Note: After the Wavlink AC600 setup, if your wavlink extender does not work correctly, try these troubleshooting tips.  

Check Wavlink AC600 Extender Device Placement

Make sure that the placement of your Wavlink extender device must be closer to the host router. Also, make sure that you don’t locate your Wavlink AC600 extender device near metal objects. Metal objects such as microwaves, fridges, cordless phones, etc all appliances absorb the WiFi signal coming from routers and extenders. By doing this method, your Wavlink AC600 extender issue is solved. 

Update Wavlink AC600 Extender Software

While updating the firmware of an extender you can fix the Wavlink AC600 extender issue. Just read the lower steps to do this process. 

  • First, launch navigation and enter the web address in the URL bar. 
  • Now, enter the default security password and username. 
  • After doing this, you will visit the settings page of the Wavlink extender. 
  • Now, find the administration option, and tap on software update. 
  • In the meantime, complete the latest version of the Wavlink extender. 

Reset Wavlink AC600 Device

There are two methods to do the reset process of the Wavlink AC600 extender. 

  1. By Doing Soft Reset. 
  2. By Doing Hard Reset. 

Reset Wavlink AC600 Extender By Soft Method

It is the very easiest or simplest way to do the reset process of the Wavlink AC600 extender. Just read the mentioned below steps to do this method. 

  • First, you will require to look for the reset hole button which is mainly located at the back side of the gadget. 
  • Now, push that reset hole button with the help of the paper clip. 
  • Make sure that you don’t press the reset hole button, with pressure. Otherwise, your Wavlink AC600 extender device will be damaged. 
  • In the end, wait for a few minutes for its complete reset. 


Reset Wavlink AC600 Extender By Hard Methodd

Consider these lower steps, to do the Wavlink AC600 extender reset process. 

  • First, take out an extender power plug from the power cord. 
  • Now, remove the battery cover with the help of a screwdriver. 
  • Make sure to place the battery cover in a safe place for lateral use. 
  • Next, put up the battery in the holder and check that it is perfectly installed. 
  • In the end, locate the power plug of the Wavlink AC600 extender in the power socket. Before using it, wait until its power is on. 

Note: After the reset of the extender, you will require to do the Wavlink extender setup process again. 

Take Away

We expect, with the assistance of this post, you will know how you can increase the range of WiFi with the help of the Wavlink AC600 device. Stay tuned for this type of update.