Waking Up Synology NAS

Is your Synology NAS storage device waking up every hour? If yes, then this article can help you out. Here, we will highlight some techniques that will prevent your NAS from waking up every now and then irrespective of the fact if you have performed Synology DiskStation DS432+ setup or own another online storage model brought in by Synology. Keep reading.

Why is Synology NAS Waking Up Every Hour?

Various factors can cause your Synology NAS storage device to wake up on different occasions. But, before you start addressing, we want you to verify whether the NAS device is connected to a working power outlet or not. This is to inform you that if the socket into which your storage device is connected is damaged, then there are chances that it will wake up without notifying you. Therefore, never make the mistake of connecting your Synology NAS storage device to the damaged power socket. Use a USP in case you are unsure about the power requirements of your NAS storage device getting fulfilled.

However, let us now shift our focus to other reasons that play a pivotal role in waking up your Synology NAS storage device without any reason. Do not worry! We’ve also mentioned the relevant hacks. Here they are:

  • Volume status of the NAS storage device or the hard drives in the DiskStation
  • Some services
  • Installed packages on the NAS storage device
  • Other programs like USB drives and third-party packages

So, these were the topmost reasons due to which the Synology NAS wakes up out of nowhere. You can now start learning the tips to be followed to fix this annoying problem.

Solutions: Synology NAS Unintended Wake Ups

1. Work On Volume Status

If the volume status of the storage device has been degraded then it will be indicated by random wake ups, especially hourly wake-ups. Therefore, you need to make sure that the Volume status of your NAS storage device is not crashed or degraded. This can also happen if you haven’t created any volume.

Therefore, you are advised to create a volume for your Synology NAS by referring to some easy instructions provided in the manual that arrived at the time of the DiskStation purchase.

2. Disable Some Packages or Modify Them

Some installed packages or there settings can also force your NAS storage device to wake up every next hour. To fix them, you are required to find Synology NAS storage devices through the desktop utility.

The installed packages that can impact the ability of your Synology NAS to work well are Synology Directory Server, Active Backup for business, Cloud Station server, Cloud Sync, CloudStation Share Sync, LDAP Server, DNS Server, Download Station, Docker Spree, MailPlus and its server, Plex Media Server, etc.

3. Try to Disable Some Services

A few services can also cause unintended wakeups of your Synology NAS in an hour. Therefore, you are suggested to disable those services through the Synology Assistant or the web portal.

For your information, these services include Data Scrubbing schedule, Recycle Bin schedule, Resource Monitor, File Services, IP Conflict Detection Services, DHCP Services, Ipv6 Services, DDNS, Debug logs, Remote Access, and NTP services.

Summing Up

With that, we are now wrapping up the post aimed to help you if your Synology NAS keeps waking up every hour. We hope that after disabling a few services and packages, you will be able to get rid of the problem.

On the off-chance, the storage NAS is still waking up every hour, you are recommended to set up a startup and shutdown schedule on your Synology. For this, access the Control Panel of the NAS device and tweak the Power Schedule settings. You will be required to set up the Date and Time for this. Thanks for reading the post!