What is wifi.wavlink.com How to Access It for Wavlink Setup

Like every device in the networking realm, Wavlink extenders also have a few settings that can be tweaked via its dashboard. However, to reach the dashboard of the extender, one needs a gateway. That gateway is wifi.wavlink.com. It is a unique web address that is assigned to every Wavlink WiFi extender so that users can manage and monitor their devices. That is why it is also known as the default web address of the Wavlink extender. Now that you have become aware of what wifi.wavlink.com is, it is time to shed light on the process to access it for doing Wavlink setup. So, read on.

Steps to Access wifi.wavlink.com for Wavlink Setup

1st Step: Open an Internet Browser

To begin with, run an already installed web browser on your device. By device, we mean a computer or laptop. Plenty of options are available when it comes to choosing the web browser for accessing wifi.wavlink.com. However, the chosen web browser must not be running on an outdated software version. Clearing the browser’s cache, cookies, and search history might help you avoid hurdles in the path of accessing the default gateway of the Wavlink extender.

2nd Step: Visit wifi.wavlink.com

Now, consider navigating to the location field of the internet browser you are using. Are you there? Great! Now, type wifi.wavlink.com into it and hit the Enter key. Once you do that, the Wavlink extender login page will appear asking you to enter the password and select the language.

The appearance of the Wavlink extender login page indicates that you’ve successfully accessed wifi.wavlink.com. Now comes the process of installing the extender. So, read the next steps.

3rd Step: Fill in the Extender’s Password

Enter the default password of your Wavlink range extender into the required field and select the language of your choice. Once done, click the Login button. Know that the default Wavlink login password is case-sensitive. So, do not commit typos while entering it. You can take precautions by turning off the Caps Lock key on the keyboard.

4th Step: Follow On-Screen Prompts

The moment you hit Login, a number of prompts will start appearing on the screen. The window on which these instructions are appearing is known as the Wavlink extender setup wizard. To get success with the extender installation process, you need to go through those instructions. Once you’re done following those prompts, your Wavlink extender will get configured completely.

This is how you can access wifi.wavlink.com for setting up the Wavlink range extender. Just in case you are unable to climb the ladder of success in accessing wifi.wavlink.com for the extender setup process, read the following troubleshooting tips.

Can’t Access wifi.wavlink.com for Wavlink Setup?

Tip 1st: Check Connectivity

The very first reason why you are unable to access wifi.wavlink.com for Wavlink setup might be weak connectivity between your WiFi devices. Perhaps you have placed them too far or too close. Know that if you have used a wireless source and any of these situations are true, then your extender’s WiFi signals will get hampered. Thus, consider changing the distance between your WiFi devices.

However, if you have connected your devices using an Ethernet source, then verify that it is damage-free or not. If it is, then you’re good to proceed. If not, then replace the Ethernet cable.

Tip 2nd: Change the Extender’s Placement

The wrong location of your Wavlink range extender can also be the reason preventing you from doing setup via wifi.wavlink.com. It is because certain devices and objects present in the home network tend to affect the extender’s WiFi signals. They either divert the WiFi signals or block them in the midway.

Thus, you are required to change the location of your wireless extender. While doing so, make sure that a safe distance is maintained between the extender and devices like microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, etc. Closeness to mirrors and any object containing water is also prohibited when it comes to selecting an appropriate location for the extender.

Tip 3rd: Check the Power Socket

Although it is a distant reason behind the inability to access wifi.wavlink.com for extender setup, however, it’s still a reason. So, check whether the wall socket from which your extender is getting power is non-damaged or not. If not, then you can either repair the current wall socket or use another one to supply power to your range extender.

After trying the above-discussed Wavlink extender troubleshooting hacks, you will be able to access wifi.wavlink.com for setting up your device. Once your device gets configured, it will be all set to blanket your house’s dead zones with super-fast internet speeds.