A toll-free number is a free calling service for customers. They need not pay anything for making the calls, and the business bears the cost. Many companies today use the toll–free number, and there are plenty of reasons for such wide acceptance of the technology. Also, many companies look forward to connecting with reliable toll-free service providers to buy the software.

The Need For A Toll-Free Contact Number For A Business

Toll-free numbers in India are available in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG. They are easy to recall and easy to memorise. Businesses use these numbers in customer engagement on various platforms-offline and online. With continuous use of the toll-free contact number, a company can carve a strong brand identity. There are several more advantages. Let us discuss each of them in detail. 

Create Brand Awareness- One of the most important reasons to get a toll-free number is that they help to create brand awareness. They play a significant role in creating a high-brand recall value. These numbers are advertised on television and even in offline advertising to give people an easy way to recall numbers. These numbers are available in a simple and easy-to-remember format. So, people see toll-free business numbers with the prefix 1800 followed by six or seven digits numbers. These numbers are easy to recall compared to mobile phone or landline numbers. Businesses can use these numbers across various multi-touch points to engage customers. These numbers with repeated usage get ingrained in people’s minds, and they immediately identify the brand with the number. It’s crucial to create an identity and build brand awareness, and the toll-free numbers precisely do that for your business. 

Attract Customers: If a business wants to attract more customers, they need to invest in toll-free number technology. A company can attract customers only if they offer zero charges for calling them. Ideally, a customer should not pay for engagement with the business. The toll-free technology provides zero calling charges facility. Since the customers or the prospects need not pay any charges for the calls, they are likely to call and inquire about the product. The incoming calls are the inbound leads that a business should never miss and take the opportunity to get maximum conversions. So, the toll-free phone numbers offer an opportunity for prospects to connect with the organisation free of cost. 

Track Marketing Campaigns: A business should contact a toll-free number service provider to integrate an effective communication system. A company needs to get clarity on the performance of its marketing efforts. The solution allows companies to know customer opinion. They can conduct surveys and polls and collect instant customer feedback. They can align their marketing and promotional activities with customers’ expectations. In this way, they can get huge success, more leads, and more conversions, thereby increase the business’s profitability. 

Establish 24×7 Availability: Every business wants to create 24×7 availability to ensure it can provide its customers with round-the-clock connectivity. Companies can provide accessibility beyond working hours and resolve queries at the earliest. The customers need not wait for the business to resume operations the next working day and get their questions answered. They need to call the toll-free phone number and connect with the business. The company can forward the calls received on the toll-free phone to the agent’s mobile numbers and landlines to establish omnipresence. The company can either deploy bots to answer queries or enable automated voice to greet customers and let them choose the options in the IVR menus. So, it’s not necessary to make live agents available for routine queries as with IVR integration the business can answer questions 24×7. 


From the above conversation, we can conclude that a business needs a toll-free number. It offers several benefits which should act as a compelling reason to contact toll-free service providers and buy the software. However, if you are looking forward to calling a reliable service provider, you can consider Knowlarity. It is India’s leading cloud telephony company with a global presence.