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Arlo security cameras make certain that everything remains safe at your home even when you can’t stay physically there. These cameras are one of the best devices available today. If you have installed an Arlo security camera  then you must be aware of the LED behavior of your camera. This particular article is meant to help you know about the blue color appearing on the LED of your Arlo camera. In case you see a blinking blue light on your camera then what you are supposed to do, find it in this piece of write-up.

Arlo Camera Blinking Blue [Fixed]

The LED on your Arlo camera may blink blue in two situations: one is during the initial setup and the other is after the setup is completed. Let us tell you about both situations. Apart from that, you will also get aware of what other LED colors on your Arlo security camera imply.

Arlo Camera Blinking Blue During Setup

If the LED on your camera is blinking blue slowly, then it is trying to establish a connection with WiFi network in your home.  In such a situation, you simply need to wait till the connection gets done. This process may take a while. After the connection between the devices is made, you will see the LED begins blinking rapidly.

When your Alro camera LED blinks blue rapidly, it means that the connection with the WiFi network has successfully been made and you can go ahead and carry out the Arlo security camera setup process.

If the Alro camera keeps on blinking blue for longer than usual, this implies the connection still needs to be established and is taking time. You need to wait for the task to get done. There may be something that is hampering the connection. In such an event, you can try bringing the devices closer. By devices we mean Arlo Base Station or the main gateway and the Arlo camera. The camera should be placed in their range so that the connection can be made easily.

Arlo Blinking Blue After Setup

After the Arlo setup is completed, while you are charging your Arlo camera, you may see a blinking blue light on it. You need to wait till the camera gets charged. The blinking blue light disappears after that.

Arlo Camera Blinking Blue and Amber Alternatively

If you are seeing the Arlo camera showing blue and amber colors alternatively, this means that a firmware update is in progress. You need to wait patiently till the firmware gets updated on the camera. With that said, we mean that you should not interrupt the firmware update process. Do not try to turn off the camera or leave the Arlo login my account page. Else, the firmware may get corrupted and your camera may stop working.

Arlo Camera Showing Solid Blue

At times, the LED on the Arlo camera turns solid blue. Now what does this mean? Well, a solid blue light means that the camera is fully powered up and is sufficiently charged. The light should turn off after some time. It happens because the camera needs to conserve battery power.

The Closing Note

So, this is all about the blue light on the Arlo security camera.  You are now well aware of what different blue lights on your camera mean. It is recommended that always keep the firmware on your  Alro camera updated to the most recent version. This will help you get the most out of your camera. Also, you will not get troubled by certain issues with your camera like Alro login issues, connectivity issues, etc.

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