Netgear Extender Firmware Update

Many netizens across the globe have installed a Netgear range extender in their house. The reason – their cutting edge technology to extend the network range of existing device. But, some users these days are complaining about facing speed issues with their extenders. They say that their Netgear extender is so slow. Are you also among them? If yes, then performing firmware update is what we recommend to get the issue fixed. Wondering how Netgear extender firmware update will enhance the speed of your extender? Read on.

Firmware and Netgear Extender Speed [Relation]

Like every device in the networking world, a Netgear WiFi range extender also comes embedded with a firmware. A non-techie user can call it the software of the extender. The whole purpose of the firmware is to maintain and manage all the activities carried out by the extender. Therefore, you can also consider it as the extender’s governing body. Given below are the steps to install the latest firmware version on the extender.

  1. On your computer, using an internet browser, visit or mywifiext.local.

  1. As soon as you come across the extender login portal, input the username and password.3Locate the Firmware Update option under Settings > Maintenance.

  1. On the Firmware Update window, click Check Online.

  1. If a new firmware version is available for the extender, follow on-screen prompts.

Note: Do not interrupt the firmware update process. The interruptions include powering off the router, closing of the tab or web browser, playing games, or breaking the connection between the router and extender.

Just in case your extender is slow even after installing the latest firmware version, consider walking through the next section. There, we’ve mentioned the reasons dragging you to face WiFi speed issues with the range extender.

Reasons: Netgear Range Extender Slow

  1. Poor Connection

Perhaps the connection between your range extender and the main router has become weak due to which the former device is acting slow. It can happen if the Ethernet cable connecting the devices is worn out. However, in the case of a wireless connection, it may be the presence of signal interference creating factors. May be you installed a new home appliance just beside your devices.

  1. Technical Glitches

Another reason why your Netgear range extender is slow because it has been overpowered by technical glitches. FYI, the actual reason behind technical bugs is unknown and their emergence is most frequent in technical realm.

Fix: Netgear Range Extender Slow

  1. Connect Your Devices Properly

If the Ethernet cable connecting your range extender and the main router is damaged, consider getting it replaced with a new one. Additionally, insert it into the correct ports of the devices properly. But, in the case of a wireless connection, place them at a proper distance. Additionally, avoid placing EM waves emitting devices and reflexive surfaces in the paths of the signals emitted by your range extender and router.

  1. Restart the Extender

Sometimes, technical glitches can also stop you from accessing Therefore, it is advised that you fix them immediately. The best technique to get rid of technical glitches is rebooting which involves powering off of the extender for some time and powering it on. And yes, do not turn your extender on immediately after you switch it off.

Summing Up

The slow internet speed of the Netgear range extender is a common problem that 90% of users face. However, with the correct hack in hand, one can tackle it easily. Since we’ve tried to cover all responsible factors behind the issue in this article along with the troubleshooting tips, we are assuming that you will be able to get the problem fixed.

In case the issue is still not ready to leave your back, reset your extender and reconfigure it from scratch.