Rockspace setup

I want to update the firmware of the Rockspace WiFi extender but I can’t access the Rockspace login page as the password is not working. What to do?” “ Why is My Rockspace WiFi extender password not working?” These are some queries that most Rockspace users get stuck with at some point in time. Are you also one of the users who are facing this issue with their Rocksapce extender? Thank Google it redirected you to this article. This is the correct article that is packed with all the information that you are seeking right now. Thus read on.

What is Rockspace Extender Password?

Right from the initial extender setup to changing a single minor setting on the Rockspace WiFi extender, you need to access the admin panel to do this task. To access the admin panel, you need to log in to the Rockspace login page. To log in you use the Rockspace admin password. Please bear in mind that this password is the admin password which is entirely different from the WiFi password of the extender. So do not get confused between both.

Fixing Rockspace Extender Password Not Working Issue

Now that you know that the login password and WiFi password are different, we hope that the issue is already resolved if you were using the incorrect(WiFi password) password to access the Rockspace login page. On the other way around if the issue still persists, then try the hacks that have been provided ahead in the next section.

  1. Reboot Rockspace Extender

To fix the rockspace extender password not working issue, you need to begin the troubleshooting process by rebooting the extender once. Perhaps some minor technical glitches are hampering the device’s performance and stopping you from accessing the login page. Rebooting can fix these minor glitches with the extender. So, do this:

  • Power off the extender right away.

  • Remove the power cable from the socket.

  • Also, remove any other cable attached to the extender.

  • Wait for some time.

  • Plug the power cable back into the wall socket.

  • Turn the power button on now and let the lights get stable.

As soon as the lights are stable, try to access the Rockspace extender login page and see if the password works now. If it still shows you an incorrect password, then try the other hack provided in this article.

  1. Check Password

Are you using the correct password to access the Rockspace login page? The initial Rockspace setup of the extender is completed by putting to use the default login credentials. But once the setup process is completed, you have the option of changing the Rockspace admin login password. Have you changed the login password in the past? If yes, then make sure you are not using the default password now. You must use the changed password and see if you can log in. Apart from this, you need to make sure that you are not typing the password incorrectly(spelling it wrong). There is a slight chance that the Caps Lock key is enabled. Bear in mind that the password is case-sensitive, so the Caps Lock key should be disabled before you type the password.

  1. Log In to Correct Web Page

Are you sure that you are typing the password on the correct login page that is meant to take you to the Rockspace page? Suppose you have typed the login web address of the Rockspace extender in the search bar of the browser and then clicked on some random search result. If this is not the correct web page then the incorrect password issue is bound to happen. Make certain that you type the web address or the IP address in the URL bar of the browser.

  1. Update Browser

We suggest you use an updated browser to access the Rockspace login page using the login password. In the event you are using an older browser version, then there is a probability that the older version is the cause behind the password not correct issue. Apart from an older version of the browser, the accumulated cache is another reason that can lead to this issue. Thus, it is recommended to clear the cache and other junk files from the browser and update the browser to the most recent version and then access the login page.

To Conclude

We hope that by using the hacks given above you are able to fix the Rockspace password issue. On the off chance the issue is still troubling you, then reset the extender to the factory settings and then use the default admin password to access the Rockspace local web page, and then set up the extender from scratch.