orbi app not working

There can be several reasons why the Netgear Orbi app is not responding. If you want to know the reasons why the Orbi app not working and want to solve the issue you can take help from this article. Here, you will find out what are the possible reasons why Netgear Orbi app not responding and we’ve also share some solutions that help you to solve the issue.

Why Your Orbi App is Not Responding- Reasons

  • Choosing Incorrect Spot of Router

Placing the Orbi far away from the modem and close to the electronic things like microwave ovens or cordless phones can be a reason why your Orbi app is behaving like this. Picking the spot which is near to the concrete walls, fish tanks and metal things can also cause this problem.

  • Wrong Hardware Connections

Establishing incorrect physical connection between the modem and router using the Ethernet cable can also a strong reason why the Orbi app is not working. Using a damaged network cable can cause this issue as well.

  • Using Outdated App

Orbi application version which is outdated can be a causing factor why you can’t able to run or use the Netgear Orbi app.

  • Use the App Out of Range

Trying to log in to the interface out of the range of the Orbi can also be a reason why you can’t able to login via Netgear Orbi app. Weak internet connections can cause this issue as well.
So these are some of the possible reasons why your Orbi app is not working properly. Now, have a look on solutions, which will help you to fix the problem.

Solutions to Dispel the Problem

  • Pick a Right Location

Place the Orbi mesh system near to the modem so that you can connect with it with ease. Avoid places that are close to the electronic things, concrete walls, fish tanks and heavy metal things.

  • Connect Hardware Correctly

You should establish hardware connection between the Orbi and the modem. Because of this connection, modem can send the physical signals to the router and then it transforms the signals into WiFi signals. Then you can use the internet services in your internet devices like computer, laptop or mobile phones.
Also, use the Ethernet cable which should be in good condition, if it is cut from anywhere then replace it. You have to supply the power to the Orbi mesh system via power cord and socket which are in good condition.

  • Update the App

You have to check for the update of the Orbi app on the Play store or app store if you are using iPhone. If the update is available, then download in you device.

  • Use the App in the Range of Orbi

Orbi Mesh system is known to eliminate WiFi dead zones in your house but it also have a limited range of network so you have to log in to the interface in the range of the Orbi WiFi mesh system.

  • Reboot the Orbi

If above written solutions are not working then, you have to reboot the mesh system. You have to just locate the power cord of the router and pull out its plug from the socket and then connect it back into it again. You also restart the Orbi by pressing the power button given on the front of the router. Then press it again to turn it on. These both actions will reboot the Orbi mesh system.

  • Reset the Netgear WiFi Orbi

If restarting the Mesh system also not working then you can reset the Orbi. You just have to find the reset button on the back of the router. Then press it for ten seconds and release it. This action will start the factory reset process. After the reset, all the data and settings will be deleted and you have to complete the Orbi setup again by managing the settings of the Orbi mesh system.

The Last Words

In this article, you have learned about possible reasons why the Orbi app is not working proper or not responding. Also, we have shared solutions to the problem that will help you to dispel the issue you are facing. We hope you successfully find out, why the Netgear Orbi application behaving likes that and solve the problem with the help of this article. We are also hoping that you are experiencing the reliable network connection in your home.